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Safe, Fast, Easy

Effective rust removal and protection for marine stainless steel




Spotless Stainless™ Rust Remover and Protector is formulated for rust removal and removal of "surface iron" that causes rust on Stainless Steel. Spotless Stainless™ is a gel for easy application on vertical surfaces and other areas that are not conveniently reached. Spotless Stainless™ is environmentally friendly (No Phosphoric Acid - No Phosphates) removes rust and restores Stainless Steel's protective layer. It is great for hard to reach places (around welds and screws) and removes rust stains from fiberglass, gelcoat and plastic.

Brush On, Rinse Off Rust - Safe, Fast and Easy!

  • Better Results In Less Time

  • Perfect for Hard to Reach Places

  • Safe, Fast, & Easy


"Although expecting to be disappointed, I am not, it is amazing. With nothing more than brush on, leave up to 30 minutes and rinse off with a hose  — simply unachievable even with a toothbrush and polish.The biggest downside is escalation! You clean one fitting and then everything else within eyesight looks terrible and needs cleaning too. "

- Mainsheet Magazine Spring 2014


"CW associate editor and full-time liveaboard sailor Jen Brett knows a thing or two about everyday boat maintenance, so when she gives a product a thumbs up (or down) we take notice. When it comes to Spotless Stainless stainless-steel rust remover, she points both thumbs skyward adding , “It's great. Your brush it on, wait up to 30 minutes then rinse it off, just like that …"

- Cruising World 2012


"It's difficult to review a product that works perfectly. And that's simply the situation with Spotless Stainless, a rust remover for stainless steel. Our (very picky) reviewer tested Spotless Stainless on a ladder that had seen better days. “We followed the directions and it worked just the way they said it would. We'll certainly be using this on all the stainless on the boat once spring rolls around."

-Spinsheet Magazine 2014


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