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Even the welds, which had been solidly rusted over, were mostly clean, and a second application took care of those as well. When I tried some of this myself with the leftover material, I was impressed by how easy the application process was, and how thoroughly everything seems to clean up. Even the solidly rusted ball sockets at the base of my davits cleaned up bright and shiny. And the brushed finish on our bobstay--a breeding ground for crevice corrosion--cleaned up to look like brand new metal. A couple of months later and It's
Dave, Coastal North Carolina)

I used Spotless Stainless today on my 35 year old Downeaster 32 and it worked wonders.

The boat has spent a lot of time in the tropics and the stainless steel railings and fittings were pretty ugly. Since I am in the process of restoring the boat and giving her a second lease on life, I was contemplating the thought that I might have to remove the stainless steel and either replace it completely or send it out to be re-polished – an expensive proposition to say the least. I had tried several “cleaners” previously with mixed results but nothing met the standard that I had set for my restoration. So when I saw the advertisement for Spotless Stainless I was a little skeptical to say the least. This weekend, while on the boat in the Keys, I tried the product that you sent to me. While I am an engineer by training I will admit I treated my testing in a very casual and cavalier manner – in other words I did not read the instructions, did not shake the bottle and just brushed the material on the railing. Then I forgot it only to come back a hour later to wash it off. And guess what – it did a great job. With that test in mind, I then read the directions and followed your suggestions and guess what – the Spotless Stainless did even a better job. Tough to reach rust spots that would have been difficult without nitric acid dipping and machine polishing were easily cleaned up with your product. So I am definitely a proponent for Spotless Stainless – whether as an boat owner or if I were a professional detailer working on someone else’s boat . It is simple to use, requires little skill, and does a great job better than anything else I have tried.
(Bill, Florida Keys)

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